What Smart Phone Is Considered The Most Popular

Those who monitor smartphone usage and ownership are sure to see that the Android phone remains the most popular type out there. People often think that it would be the iPhone based largely on the fact that they see the most advertising and the like for this particular type of phone, but that is actually not the case. The Android really is the most popular type of phone out there, and it is likely to remain strong for a long time Read the rest of this entry »

Why Is It Best To Wait For An Upgrade Before Changing Phones

If you own a cell phone and are on a wireless carrier with a two year contract, you are probably loyal to your carrier. You may very well be a grandfathered customer who gets a great deal on your services within your wireless plan, such as unlimited text messaging and a good data plan. With that being said, many people tend to ditch their old phone in favor of a new one more frequently, as has been a growing trend in the last few years. However, this Read the rest of this entry »

Which Carrier Has The Best Deals On Phones

With the large number of cell phones available on the various wireless carriers out there, it takes time and patience to get the best phone at the best deal for you. First and foremost, it is important to choose the right carrier. Most people tend to put the biggest emphasis on how much money they spend on their wireless contract as this is a fee that is paid on a regular monthly basis. Another big factor that can decide what a user wants is how much money can be spent on phones.

As smartphones Read the rest of this entry »

How Has The Method Of Communication Changed Over The Years

Thankfully, it has been quite some time since humanity has had to physically run messages in order to communicate across distance. That being said, there have still been huge changes to how we all communicate these last few decades. The progress that has been made on every level in such a short period of time is truly mind boggling.

Morse code and telegraphs were an important innovation of the early 1800s. This was the first time that people Read the rest of this entry »

Why Are Smart And Cell Phone Prices Increasing

These days, the norm is the smartphone. If you have a plan with a wireless carrier, you more likely own a smartphone than a “dumb” phone or a feature phone. In any case, the prices of these devices seem to be ever increasing. Gone are the days where you could walk into a wireless carrier or official dealer store and leave with a free cell phone or one that you paid 20 for. Phones are selling for considerably more, even when they Read the rest of this entry »

What Is The Difference Between A Cell Phone And Smart Phone

Several years ago, cell phones were seen as the standard for mobile communications for the near-future. However, with the emergence of smart phones a few years ago, the landscape for mobile communications has changed vastly. Now, there are now two major types of phones available for portable and personal communication. It may be easy to clump cell and smart phones into the same category, but the two have major differences.

Cell phones currently are “simple” personal phones that are capable of making phone calls wherever the phone can receive adequate reception from Read the rest of this entry »

Why Are Cell Phone Owners Becoming Younger And Younger

The audience for cellphones continues to expand with more and more people starting to rely heavily on their cellphone. For many years, cellphone use was limited to individuals who worked in certain fields, including business and healthcare. Today, however, many people reach for their cellphone instead of a traditional landline telephone. Even some parents are giving young children a cellphone.

Cellphone use among the youth has increased for a variety of reasons. Some parents desire a way to Read the rest of this entry »

How Has The Cell Phone Evolved In The Last Decade

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S III or an iPhone 5, today’s phones are capable and hardly resemble cell phones from a decade ago. Can you remember the phone you had ten years ago?

Camera Phones

In the early 2000s, camera phones were all the rage. Of course, these weren’t anything like the cameras in today’s phone. 2-megapixel ratings were quite common, and these phonts were often clamshell or candy bar designs with small keyboards. The Internet capabilities were laughable because these phones ran on 2G cell networks and used WAP Read the rest of this entry »